Rutter Eldon



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In-8, 2 voll., tela editoriale con scritte in arabo al piatto, taglio sup. dorato, pp. XV,302,(2); VII,287; con 2 tavv. fotografiche in b.n. ai due frontespizi, protette da velina con didascalia in verde e 8 piante e mappe f.t., alc. a doppia pagina, relative a: “Mekka - The road between Mekka and ‘Arafa - The Haram of Mekka - Roads connecting Mekka with Et-Taif - Et-Taif - El Medina - The Haram of El Medina - Arabia, showing author’s route”. Prima edizione di quest’opera di Rutter, descritta dal "Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies" come la migliore introduzione sull'Arabia mai scritta. “Eldon Rutter was born in 1894, in Camberwell, served in the First World War and then found a post in Malaya, for Nestlé. There he learnt Arabic from immigrants from Hadhramaut in southern Arabia and formally converted to Islam. Unrivalled among works by Western travellers to Islam’s holy cities, this account of a pilgrimage to Makkah in 1925-26 is made all the more remarkable by its author’s timing. In 1925 Abd al- Aziz Ibn Saud brought to an end centuries of rule over the Hijaz by the Hashimite sharifs and their Ottoman overlords. Rutter, living as a learned Muslim Arab in a Makkan household, had a ringside seat as Riyadh imposed its writ on Islam’s holy cities. As striking as his account of life in Makkah before modernization are his interviews with Ibn Saud, and his journeys to al-Ta if and to the City of the Prophet, al-Madinah. The Holy Cities of Arabia proved to be its author’s only full-length work. After a brief career as a Middle East traveller, Rutter lapsed into obscurity.” Ben conservato.

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