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SHOOTING: FIELD AND COVERT / MOOR AND MARSH. The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes. With numerous illustrations by A.J. Stuart-Wortley, Harper Pennington, C. Whymper, H. Oswald Brown, J. G. Millais and G.E. Lodge.


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In-16 gr. (mm. 191x131), 2 volumi, tela editoriale figurata (risg. rinforzati con striscia di tela bianca). L’opera (completa come da Indice) è così composta: - 1° vol. ""Field and Covert"". With contributions by the Hon. Gerald Lascelles and A.J. Stuart-Wortley, di pp. XV,357,(3), ben illustrato in b.n. da numerosiss. figure nel t. e da 11 tavole f.t. (di cui 5 con alone al marg. super.). E’ suddiviso in XVI capitoli che, preceduti da una lunga introduzione, trattano: “Shooting, past and present - Hints for beginners - A short history of gun-making - Prices of guns - The choice of a gun - Shooters - Partridge shooting - Vermin - Keepers - Poachers and poaching - Dogs and dog-breaking - Pigeon shooting from traps”. - 2° vol. ""Moor and Marsh"". With contribution by Lord Lovat and Lord Charles Kerr. pp. XIII,348, ben illustrato in b.n. da numerosiss. figure nel t. e da 7 tavole f.t. Suddiviso in XVII capitoli, sono trattati: “Grouse - Black game - Deer stalking - Deer forests - Woodcock - Snipe - Wildfowl shooting: swans nd geese - Surface-feeding ducks - Diving ducks - Waders - Rails and crakes - Wildfowl shooting on shore - Punting, or wildfowl shooting afloat - Fowling punts: how to build and use them - Swivel-guns - Concluding remarks on wildfowl shooting - A little plain law for game preservers, keepers and poachers”. Con qualche traccia d’uso ma complessivam. è un esemplare ben conservato.

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