Rennell Rodd Francis

PEOPLE OF THE VEIL. Being an account of the habits, organisation and history of the wandering Tuareg Tribes which inhabit the Mountains of Air or Asben in the Central Sahara.


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In-8 gr., tela editoriale, pp. XV,504, con 51 tavv. fotografiche in b.n. f.t., 9 diagrammi e piante nel t. e 2 mappe più volte ripieg. f.t. - “Map of Damergu and neighbouring part” e “Map of Air and adjacent parts”. Dalla prefazione dell’A.: “This book was originally intended to be an account of the people and mountains of Air in the Central Sahara, where I made a journey during most of 1922 with Angus Buchanan and T.A. Glover”. Ben conservato.

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