Drake Edward Cavendish

A NEW UNIVERSAL COLLECTION OF AUTHENTIC AND ENTERTAINING VOYAGES AND TRAVELS, FROM THE EARLIEST ACCOUNTS TO THE PRESENT TIME. Judiciously selected from the best weiters in the English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Danish, and other languages.


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In-4 gr. (mm. 355x233), p. pelle coeva (restaur.), dorso a cordoni con tit. oro su tassello, pp.num. 706, testo su due colonne, molto ben illustrato da 64 tavole inc. in rame f.t. (come da indice) di cui: una antiporta e 9 carte geografiche (1 a doppia pagina con i due emisferi che raffigurano “The world according to the latest discoveries). Le bellissime tavole (tutte entro cornici decorate), realizzate da Grignion e altri artisti, raffigurano vedute, monumenti, usi, costumi e scene di vita dei locali, battaglie, cerimonie e riti religiosi, di tutti i continenti. “Comprehending an account of whatever is curious in the Government, Commerce, Natural History, Customs, Marriages, Funerals, and other ceremonies of most nations in the known world. Including an account of the most remarkable discoveries, conquests, setttlements, battles, sea fights, hurricanes, shipwrecks, sieges, tortures, wonderful escapes, massacres and strange deliverances, both by sea and land. Also a description of the buildings, mountains, rivers, harbours, lakes, islands, peninsulas, creeks, ecc. of various countries. The whole forming a history of whatever is most worthy of notice in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America”. "Seconda edizione" in folio (la prima è del 1768), raro trovarla completa. Cfr. Brunet,VI,19825 - The Hill Collection of Pacific voyages, n. 492 (per la prima ediz.): “A collection of voyages and relations of experiences by travelers from the time of the Portuguese navigators to the middle of the eighteenth century, including those of Magellan, Drake, Cavendish, Olivier van Noort, William Dampier, Woodes Rogers, John Clipperton, George Anson, and Lionel Wafer”. Esemplare ben conservato.

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